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Redefining Small Business Online Presence

Web Design Winner in May 2023!

Here is the Lucky Winner of Tenfour Free Pro Web Design for Small Business in May!

We are thrilled to announce that BrookHollow Barnyard Petting Farm in Boonton, NJ, is the proud recipient of our free web design giveaway this month. After hearing the heartfelt story of this family-owned farm, we couldn't resist extending a helping hand to Tina, the farm's owner.

Petting farm website redesign for free

Why we Choose Them

Tina shared with us how she was struggling to keep up with maintaining her website, resorting mainly to using Facebook as her online platform, in other words, building a "home on borow land".

She diligently posted updates, advertised their fun and adorable goat yoga classes, and showcased all the incredible services they offered. However, running a farm with over 200 animals proved to be an overwhelming task, especially with limited staff after the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goat Yoga  at Farm , Tenfour Agency redesigned website for free

Tina knew it was time to revamp her website but was the last thing on her mind, that's when her daughter Annie wrote it to us at Tenfour and we stepped in to lend a helping hand.

We designed a WIX website tailored to her ideal client avatar, ensuring that every aspect of the site connected with her target audience.

Our focus was not only on providing an exceptional User Experience (UX) through intuitive design, but we also paid special attention to User Interface (UI) elements that resonated with her customers.

The end result is a simple, user-friendly website that Tina can effortlessly maintain and update.

We Love Before & After Photos

To truly appreciate the transformation, we have included "before" and "after" photos of the site bellow, highlighting the remarkable improvements we made.

This is their BEFORE -Home Page

Before picture of home page of website

You can tell she was pushing you to get out of her site and go to Facebook to connect with her, with for 4 buttons to redirect you to Facebook in her home page, I think you get the idea!

Now let's see the AFTER photo of their Home Page for their new website.

after picture of website home page

We still have buttons to connect with Tina on Facebook, but now we also add some that goes directly to her email, so she never miss any contact form a prospect if Facebook is down.

The cool part is that we not only helped Tina, but also her website visitors since they no longer need to copy and paste the email to connect with her! ;)

Witnessing the growth and evolution of BrookHollow Barnyard Petting Farm's online presence has been an absolute joy but also full of aww and how cute sighs in our team!

I am mean how can you not be in love with this face!

Lamma Picture of the website redesigned by Tenfour  for free

We believe in the power of small businesses and understand the challenges they face, which is why we want to extend our offer to others who are in need of our services but can't financially afford at this time.

That is why Fab, our creative director and owner, created Tenfour, to help small business have a fair shot with their competition.

I want an agency I wish I'd had when I was running my first small business!

If you or someone you know is struggling as a small business owner and deserves to win a free website redesign, please take a moment to read the participation rules on our page here.

Send us an email explaining why your small business should be our next recipient, with a link of your old site and rest assured that there are no strings attached or hidden service upsells involved.

At Tenfour Agency, we're passionate about supporting the growth and success of small businesses like yours.

We look forward to helping more entrepreneurs have a fair shot with their competitors and create a lasting impact in their communities.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and future opportunities to win a free professional website redesign!

Check out the transformation for goat yoga classes page:


before yoga class page

after yoga class page

To learn more about Tenfour Agency and how we can assist your business, visit our website here.

✉️ For inquiries and submissions, email our creator director directly HERE , and read rules and how to apply HERE.

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